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Search Committee Update, July 2021

As a church we are all anxious to have our minister guide us in our faith and our service to God. We are thankful for Hank Long who has taken on many tasks that extend beyond the “official” responsibilities of a senior warden.

But it is important for your search committee to follow the guidelines from the diocese. We also want to make sure we recommend a person that will meet the needs of our parish. That takes time-more time than any of us may want. Johnathon Harris met with the search committee In June to discuss our work. As we have shared before, the number of candidates may be limited. As of June 30, we have received resumes from two candidates, but we are expecting one more soon. The diocese has pre-screened these applicants; we are currently reviewing the portfolios and will be scheduling interviews as soon as feasible.

Your members on the search committee had two “mock” interviews, we have our questions prepared for the application process, and we are ready to begin the next steps towards formal interviews. We take this responsibility of discernment seriously. We are committed to providing a recommendation based upon factors that will bring us a rector who can appreciate our past, provide for the daily circumstances of our present, and guide us to a sustainable future in our faith.

Please continue to pray for your Search Committee and the Vestry as we move forward.

An End of May Update

The Search Committee continues to work diligently towards finding the best priest for our parish. The highlight of last week was having conversation with Jonathan Harris from the diocese. He advised the group that he is hopeful to have several candidates available for interviews in the next few weeks. The job description is uploaded on the diocese website. 

He advised that there are more churches searching for a minister than there are candidates. The diocese will review candidates for eligibility prior to receiving possible candidates to interview. He said that our compensation package is a great opportunity to entice interested individuals. He also advised that we have mock interviews and practice the technology so that the process is smooth. 

Questions have been constructed, the process has been reviewed, and the group is  getting excited for our first candidate. We will keep you posted even though we will have confidentiality. That being said, if you know of someone you feel will be a good fit for us, please let us know so we can reach out. Your prayers for discernment are always appreciated.

May 2021 Update from the Searchers

The Search committee is moving ahead in the process for selecting a candidate that is enthusiastic, energetic, well-spoken, intelligent, mature, personable, and of good character. The diocese has published the rector opening for our church. We are hoping to keep our deadline for a selection, but the main effort is to find the best person to lead us through worship and pastoral care with guidance so we can grow as a parish in our community. We are ready to present our parish as warm and welcoming to our potential candidates.

Hopefully, we can update the congregation in the near future as we approach a time whereby interviews will be scheduled. We meet weekly with a thorough understanding of our needs. Please continue to pray for guidance for the committee.


An Update from the Searchers

The search committee convenes for zoom meetings every Tuesday. We have had two sessions with the diocesan personnel to discuss our progress, the timeline, and several of the required documents to submit prior to the announcement of the church’s vacancy. We received 94 online survey results and several written documents as well.  We will receive our analysis from the Holy Cow organization on March 30. We look forward to sharing this information with the congregation.

Four zoom meetings were held to gather more information from our congregation and to be available to answer any questions about the search process and to note attributes of interest in securing a new priest. An additional mailing will be distributed as well to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to share preferences.

Our immediate basic timeline:

April 13: Survey analysis report to Search Committee
April 13: Return of Additional Feedback from Congregation
Mid-April: Vacancy Notice Published

Check back to this website to receive updated information. We are committed to hearing from everyone so please send feedback, suggestions, and comments to us.

The Survey Says
A Letter from the Search Committee Chairman, Dan Cahill

Christ Church,

The search Committee is now formally active. We will attempt to keep you informed as we proceed so that you can share our excitement. The following members have agreed to serve. Betty Budde, Liz Wolchko, Pat Walmsley, Cari Zimmer, Greg Morrison, Phil Gardner, and Rives Coleman.

We ask for your prayers for this committee and our church as we seek a new Priest. This is a spiritual journey that will allow us to evaluate ourselves and our ministry and our goals for the future. With God's help we will move forward in a positive direction.

We also ask you to take the attached survey. All members and interested parties are encouraged to offer their thoughts by taking this online survey. We have the portal open until Sunday, March 14. Should you need a paper version, please contact the Church Office. This is our way of soliciting your thoughts about a new Priest and the direction of the Church.

On behalf of the Search Committee, I would like to thank you for your support.

Dan Cahill, Chairman

A Letter from Our Senior Warden, Hank Long

Senior Warden Message


The vestry met by Zoom on January 20th. We started our meeting with The Rev. Canon Jonathan Harris, who leads transition and pastoral development, and will be our Diocesan Transition Minister.

Jonathan outlined a process and timetable that we agreed on.

Congregational Self Study 
Vestry to discern and appoint a Search Committee.
Vestry to develop a search budget and new rector compensation elements. 
Search Committee listens to the Parish through a survey and group meetings (probably by Zoom) to develop a Parish Profile.
We think this could be completed by early April and start receiving names shortly after Easter.
Receiving Names
This is done through the Diocese, with updated social media platforms being important components.
Search Committee interviews candidates who fit our profile and selects one or more to visit.
Candidates interview with Bishop Mark and undergo a background check.
Search Committee enters final discernment to determine a finalist.
This could be accomplished by mid to late summer.
Call to New Ministry
Search committee recommends one finalist to the vestry for confirmation.
Finalist invited back to the parish, if needed.
Request to Bishop Mark for permission to extend call.
Letter of Agreement negotiated on salary, benefits and a date to begin.
Our target date for this is October 1st.

In our business session, the vestry elected Dan Cahill to lead the search committee. We are confident Dan will do a great job forming a committee in conjunction with the vestry, and keeping us on task to select the right person.

One of the things a new rector will be looking for is a church with a strong stewardship record. For 2021, we had 11 members decrease their pledges and 13 members increase their pledges. We still have not heard from 12 members who pledged to the church in 2020. If those pledges are received, our budget will still be down approximately 5.5% overall. We do recognize that we have some members who do not pledge but give significantly to specific needs and projects, and we appreciate that support. We also recognize that, while monetary gifts are necessary to keep the church functioning, gifts of time and talent are of equal importance.

Our January services have been recorded and available on YouTube. Lynn, Raul and Rebecca provide the music and we have a group of Lectors and Officiants to conduct the spoken part of the service. Andy Williams edits the recordings posts them to YouTube. We have added a microphone that has improved the sound. We see this as being the norm for the foreseeable future.

The Daily Office continues online three times daily under the direction of Ed and Heather Gallop. If anyone is interested in assisting with this important ministry, please contact the Gallops or the church office. 

The Gallops will be doing Ash Wednesday services on February 17. And the Alter Guild is working on a way to distribute Ashes. More details later.

We are planning for a day when we can have many of you back in church as vaccinations roll out. But we understand that some will not feel comfortable. We are in the process of getting Internet in the Church so the services can be live streamed when we have permission from the Governor and the Diocese to have in-person services again. We will keep you informed as this develops.

Loaves and Fishes continues the first and third Wednesdays of the month by drive through pick up. David Cole has a small, dedicated group who provide this much needed service to the community. Many of you have given to support this cause.

Finally, I ask you to keep in touch with your fellow members, particularly those who cannot get out and do not have family in the area. Sometimes, just a simple, short phone call can make someone’s day.

Hank Long


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