At Christ Church We
Serve God, Family, and Community with
Spirits uplifted by the Holy Eucharist,
Hearts enriched by Scripture, and
Minds enlightened by God’s gift of reason.
Definition of Service

At Christ Episcopal Church, service is any expression of love, caring, and devotion, which is intended to enrich, to improve, or to effectively maintain the quality of the following:

  • Worship: All aspects of worshiping God, from the caretaking of the physical Church buildings, as well as any practice or preparation which is necessary for our congregation to share in regular worship services;
  • Our Loved Ones: The physical and spiritual well-being of our immediate families, and also those friends and relatives who constitute our Church Family; and
  • Our Greater Community: The relationship formed by Christ Episcopal Church and our communities: Martinsville City, Henry County, and all other surrounding areas, as well as our national and global communities.

10:00 AM: Holy Eucharist, Rite II

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