Women's Dinner at Third Bay Cafe

Monday, August 14, 2017

Primary Contact Person:
Sue Rosser and Cari Zimmer
Sue 276-226-5530
srosser7@gmail.com or carizimmer@comcast.net
All women of the church are invited to dinner at Third Bay Cafe on Monday, August 14. While the men are cooking, meeting, and eating, the women will gather for a social evening at 6:00 and plan to order dinner by 6:30. This is a Dutch Treat event. Come and bring a friend.
Volunteer Opportunities:
- 20 Total Needed
- 9 Signed Up
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- Leandra B.
- Betsy C.
- Susan C.
- Pat F.
- Caroline L.
- Melinda P.
- Sue R.
- Frankie S.
- Cari Z.