The Vestry is the governing body of Christ Episcopal Church.  It consists of twelve church members with four members elected each year to serve for three years.  It is vested with all the powers granted to vestries by the Canons of the Episcopal Church and is charged with all the duties and obligations therein.  No Vestry member can serve for consecutive terms.

The Vestry within itself elects a Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Secretary of the Vestry, and Treasurer of the Congregation.

The Rector presides over and has a voting voice at all Vestry meetings.  Any member of the Congregation may attend any Vestry meeting.  Any vacancy on the Vestry is filled by majority vote of the remaining Vestry members.  All meetings are opened and closed with prayer.

Lewis Pitzer, Senior Warden
Carol Deaton, Junior Warden
Lloyd Barber, Co-Treasurer

I enjoy being Treasurer, planning the budget, overseeing operational spending, and keeping the vestry and parishioners informed about finances.


I am originally from Richmond, VA. I am graduate of UVA with a business degree from the McIntyre School of Commerce. I moved to Martinsville in 1987 with my husband Gus. I have two frown children: a duaghter, Parham who is married and lives and works outside of San Francisco, CA. My son, Milt, lives and works in Charlotte, NC. I am the Executive Director of the Smith River Sports Complex. I love my family, golf, hiking, walking, reading and music.


Christ Episcopal Church has been a very important part of my life. Both children were baptized and confirmed here. I love the church and the church family.


My favorite thing about our Church is singing in the choir.

Tara Williams, Co-Treasurer
JoAnna Keyser, Secretary
Page Beeler

I was born and grew up in Roanoke, Virginia.  I was baptized and confirmed at Christ Episcopal Church in Roanoke and was a member and attended church there with my family until I married Ben.  We were married in Christ Church Roanoke and ultimately ended up in Martinsville where we have been members at Christ Episcopal Church for 33 years. 

My husband and I have three grown children all of whom were baptized and confirmed at Christ Episcopal Church.  All three attended Sunday school and served as junior altar guild members or as crucifers.  My oldest daughter was married in Christ Episcopal Church and now lives in Columbia, SC with her husband and son.  Jennifer Gravely, my youngest daughter and her husband Clay are currently members of our church and are expecting a son in March.  Our son Douglas lives in Atlanta. 

I have been active in the altar guild for the last 25 years having served as a member, group leader and eventually head of the altar guild for 3 years.  I am currently a group leader.  I have also been active with the loaves and fishes ministry and have supported and helped with other ministries in the church. 

I am a newly elected member of the vestry and am looking forward to serving the church in this new capacity.

Bob Bushnell

I am a lifelong Episcopalian. I became a member of Christ Church when my family moved to Martinsville in 1962.  I went off to college seven years later.

In 1983, my career brought me back to Martinsville.  Joined by my wife and young daughters, I returned to Christ Church and have been an active member ever since.  I have served several terms on the vestry and was Senior Warden for two years. I have been a search committee member, Youth Group director, Christian Education Committee chair, chalicist, layreader and Eucharistic minister.  On the Diocesan level, I have been a Council delegate and served on the Screening and Nominating Committee that brought Bishop Powell to Southwestern Virginia.

Why do I love the Episcopal Church?  Well, there is an old joke that it takes three Episcopalians to change a light bulb – one to change the bulb, one to pour the bourbon and one to talk about how wonderful the old bulb was.  I believe this accurately describes us - people gathered to spread God’s light in the convivial spirit of our Eucharistic Lord, acknowledging but never constrained by tradition. 

Dan Cahill
Linda Isley

I'm on the worship committee. At least fifteen years ago I started Children Chapel with the help of Lynnie Mitcheell. It went on for a few years. Hopefully, we'll be able to have Children's Chapel again. Since I've always loved working with children this will happen with some of our younger members.


I was raised in Raleigh, NC. My parents are Dr. and Mrs. Roger Wall. I graduated from Sullins Jr. College and UNC Chapel Hill with a BA Degree in Eduation. I taught school for 28 years, with the last 20 at Carlisle School. I am married to Ran Isley, who works for Stifle, for 55 years. I have two children: Phillip and Elizabeth, three grandchildren: Grace, a senior at NC State; Walker, 12 years old; and Holt who is 10 years old. I have a duaghter in-law, Laura, who lives in Raleigh. I have a son-in-law, Colin, who live in the Cayman Islands. My hobbies include reading, traveling, espeically to the beach, playing bridge and going to the movies. I also have three sisters.

This is the fourth time I've served on the vestry. I think its an honor to be elected. Serving on the vestry makes you more aweare of the working and duties of the church. Also, you really get to know those who serve, especially those who attend the 10:30 service. I really enjoy working with the rector.


My favorite thing about church is the service. I also like the Sunday School and book club at Church. We have so many great things that one can participate in at our Church.

Greg Morrison

My current position on the vestry is working on outreach and evangelism.

I would llike our Church to have media and contact with the community that reflectrs the congregations and our values. I would also like to welcome new people to the church especially people who have never considered attending any Church.


I'm a high school English teacher at Carlisle School. My wife, Sarah Beth, and our daughter, Emma Jane, love the nursery and the abundance of good cheer and community.


I am honored to stand as a vestry memnber. I never would have guessed I would have this opportunity. I enjoy taking a more active role in the life of the church and advocating for young families like my own and for all our supportive congregants!


My favorite thing about the Church is that we balance tradition and innovation, community and private devotion.

Trippi Penn
Stuart Windle Webster

Christ Church has always been a part of my life. I was baptized, confirmed, and married there. I buried my parents and mother-in -law from this church. I watched my son, Win, now a 35 year old musician and artist, baptized there. I have served as Youth Group Advisor, choir member, and all aspects of Altar Guild from Flower Committee, Wedding Committee, group leader, to overall chairman. When I was asked to serve on the Vestry, my first inclination was to say no, due to other commitments. Then I thought if you can't make time for your church, you should rethink your commitments. My husband of 41 years, Tom, agreed. I look forward to the next three years serving on the Vestry and working with a new rector.


8:00 AM: Holy Eucharist, Rite I
10:30 AM: Holy Eucharist, Rite II

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