Loaves & Fishes

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Primary Contact Person:
David Cole
Tonight is our Loaves & Fishes dinner from 530 to 6:15 PM.

With more and more people attending this community ministry each month, the cost has gone up. We are in dire need of a lot of desserts and fruit. People are also needed to help serve and clean-up!. Please sign up under volunteers.

Clean, gently used lightweight coats for men, women and children in all sizes for anyone in need will be accepted. Please drop off all coats at the Parish Office or in the Undercroft.
Volunteer Opportunities:
- 15 Total Needed
- 8 Signed Up
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- Nancy B.
- Betty B.
- Betsy C.
- Amy H.
- Sue R.
- Susan S.
- Nancy S.
- 12 Total Needed
- 2 Signed Up
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- Hank L.
- Susan S.
Serve & Clean-up 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
- 7 Total Needed
- 5 Signed Up
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- Pete B.
- Natalie C.
- Hank L.
- Greg M.
- Sarah Beth M.